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TCE – Advisor video clips

Total Client Experience is proving itself a powerful force in helping IPC advisors deliver consistency, instill confidence in clients, and grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Below are three examples of how IPC Advisors have integrated TCE into their businesses to build on their successes and drive their practices forward.


IPC’s Total Client Experience helps Advisors offer a unique and holistic approach to financial planning.

Kristine Douglas   Kevin Smith
Kristine Douglas and Kevin Smith

In this clip, IPC Advisors Kristine Douglas and Kevin Smith discuss how TCE helps them improve the quality of their services and enjoy high retention rates, even in challenging markets. Their TCE specialists and other trainers work closely with their teams to help them meet and exceed client expectations, thereby differentiating themselves from competitors. They appreciate the integrated solutions offered through Counsel Portfolio Services. And they say the Marketing and Branding department has been invaluable in helping them project a strong and consistent professional image. Click here to learn more about what TCE has done for the practices of Kristine and Kevin. 

Building scale for continued growth

Total Client Experience is very much a team experience.

David Owen
David Owen

In this clip, IPC Advisor David Owen talks about the impact of the Total Client Experience on the day-to-day functioning of his team. For one, all team members are involved in the process, ensuring each understands what the others are doing. Second, thanks to the TCE’s disciplined framework, much of the work on each client file can be done without David’s direct involvement. The result? TCE lets David make better use of his time and build the business more efficiently, and more profitably. Click here to hear David’s personal impressions.

Helping You Build a Better Business

First impressions are critical. That’s why TCE spans the whole client experience, including the design of the office. 

 Russ Elford Stefano Francescut 
Russ Elford and Stefano Francescut

In this clip, IPC Advisors Russ Elford and Stefano Francescut comment on how TCE helps them deliver a Wow! experience for clients -- right from the moment they walk into the office. TCE brings together various elements, from special beverages to signage, to convey a warm and professional welcome. It creates an environment where clients feel confident and comfortable in where they are -- and where they are going with the guidance of their Advisor. Click here to see how TCE helps build client trust in Russ and Stefano.

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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, NL, ON, PEI, QC and SK residents only and does not constitute an offer to sell or solicit sales in any other Canadian or foreign jurisdictions.