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Our Core Services

Our services can be summarized as follows:

Design your Portfolio Offering

As an Advisor at IPC you will enjoy the benefits of our Portfolio Management platform, which allows you to build portfolios based on your own:

• Investment philosophy
• Asset allocation preference
• Geographic allocation
• Style bias
• Rebalancing parameters

Our service can then help you to:

• Research, select, and monitor each money manager in your custom portfolio
• Automate manager replacement within defined parameters
• Automate rebalancing within defined parameters
• Automate 10 percent free and free units
• Create robust client reporting

Key to this platform and service is our work with each Advisor team to design a unique process through the Total Client Experience (TCE). Through the TCE, you can simplify the delivery of your portfolios to clients around your own brand–everything from an investment policy statement and communications plan to portfolio reporting.

To learn more about our Portfolio Service Platform, please click here 
The Total Client Experience

The TCE is a step-by-step look at every client interaction with a series of sophisticated template presentations, questionnaires, letters, newsletters, and more. Our Advisors don’t need to reinvent the wheel; they just pick and choose the parts of the system that work best for their practice and brand.

Develop a Brand around your Core Philosophy

A core philosophy (CP) represents your beliefs and becomes your guiding compass. Each decision you make, each client you retain, and each company you partner with should be aligned with your CP. IPC will help either define or refine your team’s CP. Once we have completed this process, our dedicated marketing team will help you build your brand and provide supporting materials.

Focus on the WOW

In a business highly saturated with competition, you have to stand out; you must provide a level of service that makes your clients exclaim “WOW”. If they react this strongly, they will tell their friends about their experience, and we all know word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement. Remember that your “brand” is not a logo, but what your clients think about you. By using our TCE methodology, processes, and ideas, you can build that WOW into your business; in other words, you can systemize the delivery of service excellence.


Excellence is a journey, not a destination. IPC embraces the concept of Kaizen, a Japanese term for constant and continuous improvement. We help our Advisors to keep examining each aspect of their business and challenge them to pose the question–“What can I do better?” Although the improvements may be minor, if they are continual there is little doubt your business will progress.

Our Parent Company

Our relationship with IGM Financial Inc. provides us with staying power as well as the capital to grow our business and yours. Please click here to learn more about IGM Financial

If you are interested in joining a company with a culture of building successful wealth management businesses, please contact us at: 
905-212-9799 or 1-877-212-9799 or aboutus@ipcc.ca  

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, NL, ON, PEI, QC and SK residents only and does not constitute an offer to sell or solicit sales in any other Canadian or foreign jurisdictions.